Parking in Dubai is divided between two zones. It is known as A and B. ‘A Parking Card’ holder can park the vehicle in any parking zone in Dubai except the areas mentioned below, whereas ‘B Parking Card’ holder can park the vehicle only in the parking areas where B is mentioned. The Parking Card must be visible through the front windshield at all times when the vehicle is parked.

The validity period of the Parking Cards are 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

Car Parks where Card Holders are not entitled to park are:

Dubai International Airport

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Media City

Deira Fish Market

For temporary parking, customers can also use coins, pre-loaded parking cards, or Nol Cards.

Terms and Conditions

This permit is valid in Dubai public parking only.

In case a card is damaged or lost, please refer to Parking Department (RTA), or call toll free no 8009090.

It is not allowed for all kind of trucks such as pick-up and buses to use the permit.

It is not allowed to copy the permit or use it instead of the original card and it is not allowed to bind it for any reason.

The issued card is not refundable and cannot be replaced with another category.


The Vehicle must have a Registration Card.

Documents Required

Copy of Car Registration Card.

Procedure of Application

1) Visit the below mentioned RTA Service Centers along with a copy of your Vehicle Registration Card.

2) The Parking Card can also be registered online and will be delivered to you via courier.


‘A Parking Card’

Validity for 3 months – AED700
Validity for 6 months – AED1,300
Validity for 12 months – AED2,500

‘B Parking Card’

Validity for 3 months – AED450
Validity for 6 months – AED800
Validity for 12 months – AED1,500

Important Contacts

Telephone Number: 800 9090

Email Address: ask@rta.ae

Fax: +97142065555

RTA Website

Important Locations

RTA Service Center in Al Twar Centre.
RTA Dubai Municipality – Al Karama branch.
Main building of Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Source of Information

Dubai.ae Website

RTA Website